Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Two wars

Hi, I'm in the last week of my book campaign and am transcribing the postcards for the book content and came across this one, which has always moved me more than most.  Here is the exact transcript.

Two wars

The thing that im going to write ab­out is something

that is never portrayed in the press or anywhere i

have ever seen, Its not a war story where rounds

are landing everywhere or on the other hand it isnt

a daily log, It is something that all people dont

understand until you have been somewhere like this

for this amount of time. Im going to write about

the day to day struggle of being away. When

people think of being in Afghanistan i think

they instantly think of soldiers being shot at

and bombs landing around people, and while

those things happen daily those are the things

that you came here for, you came here to fight

a war. On the other side the thoughts of

the people you miss and the things you miss

and the thoughts you have about this, when you

aren’t out fighting or keeping yourself

busy this is what is constantly going through

your head. What your girlfriend was wearing last

time you saw her, what she did, said, what she

smelt like, what she will look like and if

anything will have changed while you have been away

and if you will fit in with the changes when you

get back. I sit here and miss just fitting into

the daily routine at home, sleeping in a normal bed

seeing all the people you love, seeing your home, sitting

down and relaxing. Sometimes it drives you crazy missing

everything and sometimes it makes you smile knowing

that you will have those things to look forward

to again. As I said at the start yes we are

over here fighting a war and yes bad things

are constantly happeing out here but take away

with you something else when you read this, hold

onto the people you love and the things that you

love doing. If you are close to someone that is

away out here know that you will always be in

their minds because there are two wars bring faught,

one which is publicised and one which goes on

in a soldiers head when everything goes quiet….

Written by a soldier with A coy 1 Royal Irish

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