Friday, 24 January 2014

The book, last call

'My mother’s battle with cancer': final transcription on the last day of fundraising for the book, please support and share at:

"Its my 1st time here and has
been an experience, a lot of mixed
feelings and scary moments but
some how under all this poverity
and wartorn country I still find
connections to home in ways by
seen children playing games just
like I did but without the soldiers
and the threat of Taliban
on their families.
 The one major
comparison I have is we had
a contact one day in which
the Taliban ambush us and
we pinned down taking fire from 3

positions we had no choice but
to make a sprint across open ground
cause we could not use the ditch
cause of the IED threat. Once we
took off across the open ground they
started to smash us, it was crazy
round going everywhere. It was not a
case of am I going to get shot it was
where am i going to get shot. With
the help of God and the drive of a
soilder we all made it across. We
patrolled back when it died down but
as we walked back to the base i seen
what looked like a father and son
working in the fields. It brought
my mind back

to when me and my father worked
together making a living for our family
but the only battle we had was
the one my mother had to fight off
cancer and the only soilder we had in our
safe environment in the west of
Ireland was my mam cause she
fought and still fights her illness
i am trying to say is no matter where
you go in life or what you do your
family memories will never be forgotten
and influence you many ways
without you even known.
If any younger
children read this all i can say

is treasure your family cause
thinking about them can get
you through the toughest
times in life even it it’s the
hell hole of the earth like
helmand afganistan"

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